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Formulary BNF Category
  Cyclizine  (Valoid)
(Tablet, Injection)
Antihistamines - 04.06
  Restricted Drug  Ondansetron
(Tablet, Suppository, Solution for injection, Oral solution, Orodispersible film, Oral lyophilisate, Orodispersible tablet. )
5HT3 antagonists - 04.06

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link in drug section MHRA Drug Safety Update December 2014: Ondansetron for intravenous use - dose-dependent QT interval prolongation (04.06)
link in drug section MHRA Drug Safety Update January 2020: Ondansetron - small increased risk of oral clefts following use in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy  (04.06)
link in drug section Ondansetron for vomiting in children with gastroenteritis- NICE evidence summary (04.06)