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Formulary BNF Category
  Restricted Drug  Erythromycin
Macrolides - 05.01.05
  Restricted Drug  Erythromycin
(Tablet, Oral suspension)
Macrolides - 05.01.05
Oral antibiotics for acne - 13.06.02
  Erythromycin 40mg with Zinc Acetate 12mg/mL  (Zineryt)
Topical antibacterials for acne - 13.06.01
  Restricted Drug  Moxifloxacin
(Tablet, Injection)
Quinolones - 05.01.12
Non Formulary BNF Category
  Erythromycin 2%  (Stiemycin) Topical preparations for acne - 13.06.01
  Isotretinoin with antibacterial  (Isotrexin) Topical preparations for acne - 13.06.01
  Tretinoin with antibacterial  (Aknemycin Plus) Topical preparations for acne - 13.06.01

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