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Formulary BNF Category
  Restricted Drug  Aspirin
(Tablets, Suppositories)
Aspirin - 10.01.01
(Hyperprolactinaemia, Tablet)
Bromocriptine and other dopaminergic drugs - 06.07.01
  Restricted Drug  Cabergoline
(hyperprolactinaemia, Tablet)
Bromocriptine and other dopaminergic drugs - 06.07.01
  Restricted Drug  Celecoxib  (Celebrex) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - 10.01.01
(Tablet, Tablet MR)
Opioid analgesics - 04.07.02
  Controlled Drug Restricted Drug  Ketamine injection  (Ketalar) Intravenous anaesthetics - 15.01.01
  Restricted Drug  Ketorolac  (Toradol) Non-opioid analgesics -
  Restricted Drug  Mefenamic Acid
(Capsule, Tablet)
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - 10.01.01
  Controlled Drug Restricted Drug  Methadone
(Tablet, Liquid)
Opioid analgesics - 04.07.02
  Restricted Drug  Methoxyflurane  (Penthrox) Volatile liquid anaesthetics - 15.01.02
  Controlled Drug Restricted Drug  Tramadol
(Soluble tablet, Capsule, Modified realease tablets / capsules, Injection)
Opioid analgesics - 04.07.02
Non Formulary BNF Category
  Analgesics  (Migraleve) Treatment of the acute migraine attack -

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SubSection Titles / notes  
Analgesics - (04.07)
Analgesics - (
Analgesics (non-opioid) - (18)
Analgesics (opioid) - (18)
Compound Analgesic preparations - (04.07.01)
Non-opioid Analgesics - (
Non-opioid Analgesics and compound Analgesic preparations - (04.07.01)
Opioid Analgesics - (04.07.02)
Opioid Analgesics - (
Sedative and Analgesic peri-operative drugs - (15.01.04)