Report : Traffic light status report 15/08/2020 02:00:35
Section Name Number of items
OTC OTC  110
Green Green  430
Advice Advice  131
Amber No SCG Amber No SCG  218
Amber SCG Amber SCG  45
Red Hospital Red Hospital  1010
Switch Switch  18
Black Black  123
Grey Grey  570
Non Formulary Non Formulary  182
Amber 1 Amber 1  1
Unknown Unknown  5
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 OTC Available Over the Counter. Consider Self Care   
 Green Formulary - Can be prescribed in both secondary and primary care.   
 Advice Formulary - Specialist Advice, secondary care advice provided for primary care initiation.  
 Amber No SCG Formulary - Specialist initiation without shared care guidance.  
 Amber SCG Formulary - Specialist initiation with shared care guidance.  
 Red Hospital Restricted - Hospital only, not to be prescribed in primary care.  
 Switch Not recommended for prescribing. Switch to alternative cost-effective option.   
 Black Not recommended for prescribing in primary or secondary care.  
 Grey Not recommended as no formal application made for addition to the formulary. Contact relevant pharmacy team for further information.   
 Non Formulary Non-Formulary (category under review).