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 Formulary Chapter 4: Central nervous system - Full Chapter
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04.05.01  Expand sub section  Anti-obesity drugs acting on the gastro-intestinal tract
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Restricted Drug Restricted

  • Recommend self-care: Can be purchased from a Community Pharmacist (Alli 60mg capsules)

  • Primary Care: Orlistat should only be considered on prescription (where the patient is not willing or able to self-care) after dietary, exercise and behavioural approaches have been tried for at least 3 months and evaluated through a weight management programme (Tier 2/3).

  • CUHFT: Endocrinologists and the Diabetologists for use in selected obese patients to assist weight loss.

  • Non-formulary at all other Trusts

Link  CCG Prescribing Policy - Anti-obesity agents in overweight and obese adults
Link  MHRA: Interaction with HIV medicines
Link  NICE Guideline CG189: Obesity - identification, assessment and management
 Non Formulary Items
Naltrexone/ bupropion  (Mysimba®)

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Non Formulary

  • NICE TA494: Naltrexone–bupropion is not recommended within its marketing authorisation for managing overweight and obesity in adults alongside a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Link  MHRA Drug Safety Update August 2019: Naltrexone/bupropion (Mysimba▼) - risk of adverse reactions that could affect ability to drive
Link  NICE TA494 NOT RECOMMENDED: Naltrexone–bupropion for managing overweight and obesity in adults
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Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description


Available Over the Counter. Consider Self Care   


Formulary - Can be prescribed in both secondary and primary care.   


Formulary - Specialist Advice, secondary care advice provided for primary care initiation.  

Amber No SCG

Formulary - Specialist initiation without shared care guidance.  

Amber SCG

Formulary - Specialist initiation with shared care guidance.  

Red Hospital

Restricted - Hospital only, not to be prescribed in primary care.  


Not recommended for prescribing. Switch to alternative cost-effective option.   


Not recommended for prescribing in primary or secondary care.  


Not recommended as no formal application made for addition to the formulary. Contact relevant pharmacy team for further information.   

Non Formulary

Non-Formulary (category under review).