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09-05-02-01 Phosphate supplements

Phosphate Polyfusor®
First Choice

500ml polyfusor

    • A 500ml polyfusor contains phosphate 50mmol, potassium 8mmol and sodium 81mmol.


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Phosphate supplements Phosphate-Sandoz®


    • Contains 16.1mmol phosphate, 20.4mmol sodium and 3.1mmol potassium per tablet


    • CUHFT - see local hypophosphataemia or refeeding syndrome (a common cause of hypophosphataemia) guidance below


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Potassium dihydrogen phosphate

  • Contains 10mmol/10ml.

  • CUHFT - Rare use in specified wards within the potasssium policy. Unlicensed medicine - named patient use only. Caution: The rate and concentration recommended for potassium infusions must never be exceeded (see local potassium replacement guidance)

  • NWAFT - Restricted to NICU. Dilute before administration in glucose or sodium chloride. Ideally do not exceed potassium concentration of 40mmol/l and give slowly to avoid pain along vein (max. rate 30mmol/hr because of potassium content) 

Link  CUHFT: Potassium policy

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