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9 Nutrition and blood
09-01-03 Drugs used in hypoplastic, haemolytic, and renal anaemias


  • CUHFT: Restricted to

    • Atypical Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (aHUS). NHS England Service Specification. Please note for this indication this should be recommended by Newcastle, procured through ourselves: proof of vaccination required for company to provide named patient supply and automatically funded for by NHSE (in addition to vaccines) but no requirement for IFR. 

    • Post-transplant refractory thrombotic microagiography (TMA):- clinically approved; funding through individual funding request (IFR).

    • Antibody-mediated transplant rejection (AMR):- only in the context of clinical trials.

    • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobulinuria (PNH) after Leeds hospital advice, supply via Alexion pharmaceuticals: They supply eculizumab but do not supply vaccines or prophylactic antibiotics. Vaccines are re-imbursed by NHSE for this indication. 

    • For recurrence of C3 glomerulopathy post-kidney transplant (all ages)- as per NHS England Clinical Commissioning Policy. Administered in hospital as part of admission. Manufacturer of eculizumab request proof of Meningitis B vaccination before issuing.

  • Non formulary at all other trusts

Link  Commissioning Policy: Eculizumab in the prevention of recurrence of C3 glomerulopathy post kidney transplant
Link  Leeds hospital PNH information
Link  NICE evidence summary: eculizumab for prevention of C3 glomerulopathy post-transplant
Link  NICE HST1: Eculizumab for atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome

Restricted Drug Red Hospital View adult BNF  View SPC online  View childrens BNF  HCD
Hydroxycarbamide Siklos®

  • RPH: Licensed for the prevention of recurrent painful vaso-occlusive crises including acute chest syndrome in patients suffering from symptomatic Sickle Cell Syndrome

  • Non-formulary at all other Trusts and in Primary Care

Restricted Drug Cytotoxic Drug  Red Hospital View adult BNF  View SPC online  View childrens BNF
Non Formulary

  • Unlicensed special - named patient use only

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